Your San Diego Birth Story, creatively documented.

Every birth story is beautiful.  No matter how or where you give birth, the day you welcome your new baby into your family will be one of the biggest, most transformational days of your life.  Your day will be full of priceless little moments- the way your partner supports you as you labor, your strength as you bring your baby earth side, your first moments as a new family. I am honored to bear witness to and capture moments like these.

Your birth space is sacred

As a professional birth photographer I work as quietly and non-obtrusively as possible.  I am proudly committed to documenting all birthing persons and their varied journeys equally.  I am available for any type of birth story including those at home, birth centers, or hospitals- including those requiring military access.  I offer special packages for deployment situations that result in a partner missing the birth. I photograph and film birth stories throughout San Diego county.  I would love to document yours.


A little about me-
My journey in to photography began what seems like ages ago in High School. It wasn’t until three years ago that I discovered my true passion- birth stories and documentary sessions. Posed photos are gorgeous and valuable, but my goal is to preserve those little every day moments exactly as we hope to remember them. I have trained in both photography and film through Birth Becomes Her with Monet Nicole and Jennifer Mason- top professionals and industry leaders in birth photography. My work has been featured with Birth Becomes Her and has been awarded in international photography competitions. Above all else- I strive to honor your birth as the sacred event that it is.


sweet words from birth story clients

“Amanda is so professional! She is great keeping in contact until the big day. She fit right into the room with all my family.

I’m so in love with my photos! My doctor even has one framed up in her office!”

”Amanda was absolutely amazing. She was there for us the moment we got to the hospital and buckled down for 11hrs.

She was very professional and so caring. When my husband had to leave to check on our son she not only was a photographer

but became the rock I needed to find strength.

She is 100% there for you and will stand by you as much as you need her. I could not of asked for a better birth experience.

The moments she captured for us are the ones that I was hoping for and will cherish forever.”